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Recensie: T.L. Branson – Soul Render

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Recensie: T.L. Branson – Soul Render

*** 3/5

It takes a god to kill one. Resistance fighter Will Sumner wants little more than to avenge his father who died at the hands of the ruthless king, Alexander Drygo. When the opportunity arises to steal the king’s most valuable possession, Will and his brothers launch an assault to retrieve it. Obtaining the unimaginable power of a legendary soul stone, Will learns that the gods of old aren’t dead after all. But even his newfound ability is no match for the tyrant that sits on the throne. Now, the power he thought would be his salvation may very well claim his life – or his soul. To help tame this uncontrollable magic, Will seeks assistance from an unlikely source and aligns himself with a rebel group that may not have his best interests at heart. Will’s brothers have forsaken him, his friends may deceive him, and his enemies will stop at nothing to end his life and seize his power for themselves.
Soul Render is a blood-pumping journey of heartache and self-discovery filled with nonstop action and mind-blowing plot twists that will leave you hungry for more. Fans of R.A. Salvatore, Brandon Sanderson, and Sarah J. Maas will love this epic sword and sorcery adventure.